Fishing Equipment

Fishing Ruler Holder

The Weeks Bay Fishing Ruler Holder is the perfect item for securing your fishing ruler to your boat, paddle board, kayak, or cooler. Proudly made by Midalpro USA in the USA, the components are made from high strength nylon 66 making them exceptionally durable. They can be screwed securely to any boat or wall, in either a vertical or a horizontal position accommodating your specific need or preference. This innovative design is to ensure minimum movement and vibration of the fish measurement tool while your boat is in motion, while offering ease of smooth retrieval and stowing.

  • Accommodates up to 2 1/2" wide ruler
  • The price is $18 for the set. To purchase, go to the Fairhope Rattle Store
Fishing Ruler Holder photos

Fishing ruler holder in vertical position on boat consol